Nikon D700 previewed, demystified

Now that Nikon has deftly slipped the full frame (FX) D700 into the already tight slot separating its mid-range DX D300 and pro FX D3, we know what you're thinking. Huh? Fortunately, both Rob Galbraith and DP Review have given this a thorough analysis along with a titillating preview courtesy of DP Review. As Rob puts it, "If you own a D3 and a D300, then you have in two separate bodies most of the key bits and pieces that comprise the D700." While the choice between the $1,800 D300 and $3,000 D700 is more clear, prospective $5,000 D3 buyers won't be blamed if they profess a desire to hold-out for the 24.39 megapixel D3X expected within the next 12 months.

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