Sony's 24.81 megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor going pro this year

Oh boy pixel fans, Sony just announced a new 35mm full size CMOS sensor touting 24.81 million effective pixels. The new sensor is destined for future professional-level DSLRs "within this year" in an effort to mimic the aspect ratios and distortion of their film predecessors while keeping one step ahead of the pixel wars. Sony's "Column-Parallel A/D Conversion Technique" used in the new sensor is said to achieve high S/N even while shooting 6.3, 12-bit frames per second at full resolution. What 6fps not good enough tough guy? There's always Sony's 60fps CMOS which Casio will sell you in their EX-F1. Just don't call yourself a pro if that's your preference, k?

[Via Impress]