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2010: The Year in Alt


Engadget Alt, the most recent addition to the site, is something near and dear to our hearts. This a place where we can comment on (and draw attention to) things that don't exactly fit into the main stream of our coverage, yet resonate with us as writers -- and with you as readers. So, what did we learn this year? Spacecraft are prone to hardware failure, it seems, and Ozzy Osbourne's genome is a wonderful resource for scientists. And one editor-in-chief really, really digs eBoy. Aside from all that, this space has seen a number of feature articles and columns that we're especially proud of. Cruise on past the break for some of our favorites.

Growing Up Geek

A consistent fan favorite, Growing up Geek is where Engadget editors and friends of the site reflect on their youth, and help answer the one question we get asked almost every day: "how did y'all end up like this?"
Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

Beautifully crafted, well thought out, themed Twitter lists with resources for Microsoft fanboys, gaming aficianados, and more.
Travels and (mis)adventures
Our editors have chatted it up with Google's Amit Singhal, traveled to San Jose to ferret out the state of the electric auto at Plug-In 2010, and finally learned the correct pronunciation of ASUS.
Rants and raves
Man, do we have opinions! On everything from Android fragmentation to rabid fanboyism to the mental health dangers inherent in Solipskier.

And finally, geek downtime...
Even confirmed workaholics like ourselves have to put down the breaking news and gadget reviews once in a while and just... you know, chill out for a while. Sometimes that might mean that it's time to switch gears and indulge our fancies for Photoshop trickery, literature, or just kickin' back and playing some tunes.

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