LinkedIn reportedly looking to rival Facebook's Instant Articles

It's all about keeping you in one place.

LinkedIn is said to be considering an Instant Articles feature of its own, BuzzFeed News reports. According to the publication, which cites sources familiar with the matter, LinkedIn recently started floating this idea to "various" publishers, inspired by what Facebook is doing in the space. For the unaware, Instant Articles are links to stories that you can read within Facebook's app, elimitating the need to visit a third-party site -- such as The New York Times, BuzzFeed and other news outlets.

Naturally, LinkedIn would benefit heavily from a similar product, as it would keep more users locked in to its platform. Right now, there are no details on how much LinkedIn is willing to pay publishers to host their content, so it could be a while before the service launches -- if it ever does.

In the meantime, a LinkedIn spokesperson provided BuzzFeed News the following statement:

"Publishers remain a very important part of our content ecosystem and we are in regular conversations with them about new ways to work together. Our goal is to ensure we get the right content in front of the right member at the right time to deliver the best member experience possible."