Control your home with a gorgeous wooden remote

The Turn Touch looks more like furniture than a gadget.

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Turn Touch
Turn Touch

If you're looking for an attractive way to control your smart home, this minimalist, carved-wood multipurpose remote might fit the bill. It's called the Turn Touch, and it's pulled in almost twice the Kickstarter funding requested. The project has almost reached its first stretch goal to add IFTTT support, with plans to add Apple's HomeKit down the line.

The Turn Touch is made from mahogany, maple and inlaid mother of pearl and has four wooden buttons that can be programmed via an app on your Mac or iOS device. It connects over Wi-Fi to control your Hue lights, your smart lock and your music. You can set up a single button to perform multiple tasks at once, like turning down the lights, dropping the volume on your favorite evening tracks and then locking the door.

You can get the Turn Touch on Kickstarter with a $59 pledge for the basic mahogany model, while other versions, like ones sourced from Padauk and Rosewood, are available for $99 and up. A three-pack with a custom inlay design comes in at $499.

Inventor Sam Clay, who also developed mobile app Newsblur, says he made the Turn Touch to look like furniture instead of another gadget. He wanted an elegant, small remote to control his smart devices without having to pull out his phone. The result: a neat-looking little smart controller that fits in the palm of your hand. If nothing else, it could be a killer conversation starter at your next dinner party.

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