Uber finally lets you adjust your pickup location

No more cancellations if you aren't where you thought you were.

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AOL/Steve Dent
AOL/Steve Dent

Lest we forget among all the corporate stupidity, Uber is actually popular for a reason: It's convenient, and taxi service often sucks. The ridesharing firm has just fixed one of the main bugaboos with its app, the fact that you can't modify your location once you order a ride. Riders in the UK, US and Canada can now change their pickup address if they notice it's wrong, avoiding a "frustrating situation where riders aren't riding and drivers aren't earning," Uber says.

Uber amusingly avoids blaming passengers, saying "pick-ups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right" (really?). To fix it, you just tap "edit" next to the pickup location, enter the correct address and tap confirm, as shown in the GIF below. Drivers will get a notification and automatically be re-routed.

Uber says that "minor tweaks" like this make a major difference, though I imagine drivers see a way for passengers to fix their carelessness as a pretty big deal. In fact, Uber could perhaps market such tweaks as not just conveniences for passengers, but also a way to make drivers' lives easier, too. Folks will no doubt embrace the app more (and stop deleting it altogether) if they know that Uber is at least trying to treat drivers fairly.

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