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The Morning After: Tuesday, April 11th 2017

Now boarding.

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'Persona 5'

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

This Morning After is brought to you by the death of phone calls on flights (hooray!), how Persona 5 manages to digitally manifest Tokyo and the news that the most valuable car company in the US is now Tesla -- with a lot of that value resting on the incoming cheaper Model 3.

We'll write you a note'Planet Earth II' on Ultra HD Blu-ray is a good reason to buy a new TV

If you've been waiting for some ideal 4K demo material, the sequel to HDTV-seller Planet Earth will do the trick. Thanks to the bitrate afforded by Ultra HD Blu-ray plus the expanded color range and contrast of HDR, Devindra Hardawar claims "it completely justifies the existence of the doomed disc format."

CybercrimeJustice Department attacks global spam botnet as its alleged operator is arrested in Spain

Yesterday Spanish authorities reportedly arrested Peter Yuryevich Levashov, and according to a statement by his wife, linked him to alleged hacking of the US presidential election. Later, the US DoJ and FBI announced that Levashov is suspected of operating the "Kelihos" botnet that hijacked Windows computers to send spam, but did not mention any ties to the election.

It's reportedly pumping up to $875 million into LG Display.Google might bring curved screens to its next Pixel phone

Google is investing up to $875 million in LG Display to develop its own stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its Pixel phones, according to multiple reports. This should help ease supply problems for its next smartphone, as the current Pixel has been impossible to find in stores for a lot of us.

The agency's Chairman just wants some mid-air peace and quiet.FCC axes plan to allow phone calls on flights

Be quiet for a few hours, will you?

Super Cruise is truly hands-free, but there's a catch.Cadillac unveils its answer to Tesla's semi-autonomous tech

Outside of Tesla, semi-autonomous driving modes are still quite rare. GM's upcoming 2018 Cadillac CT6 (due this fall) will be the company's first car with Super Cruise, a technology that can take over during highway drives. If you believe the Cadillac crew, this is the first production car with "true" hands-free driving. Super Cruise promises an extra level of mapping accuracy thanks to the use of extensive LiDAR data in addition to the usual onboard sensors and GPS. However, this also lets Cadillac dictate where you're allowed to use the feature. It'll only be allowed on divided, limited-access highways with clear entrance and exit ramps.

It may be temporary, but it's a milestone for the EV company.Tesla overtakes GM to become the most valuable US car maker

Tesla just managed a symbolic but important win in its quest to make electric cars popular. Yesterday, Tesla's stock market cap overtook that of GM -- it was worth about $51 billion, or $1.7 billion more than its established rival. While it's not clear that this will last (we've seen some give and take as of this writing), it's no mean feat for a company that has made just three car models in its brief 13-year history. The big question is whether or not Tesla can back up that value with raw sales numbers in the next few years.

Few JRPGs capture Japan quite like this.'Persona 5' took me back to Tokyo

Plenty of games tries to deliver a Tokyo experience to games, but none come close to Persona 5, the latest in Atlus' long-running JRPG franchise. The game delivers a phenomenal representation of Japan's capital, capturing its sights and sounds with pinpoint precision. For more than 50 hours Nick Summers strolled through its pixel-perfect neighborhoods, hanging out in karaoke bars, bombastic arcades and relaxing bathhouses. For him, it's virtual tourism at its best. Oh, and there's a pretty fantastic game attached to it all.

'You look like a thing and I love you.'This neural network generates weird and adorable pickup lines

Training a neural network involves feeding it enough raw data to start recognizing and replicating patterns. It can be a long, tedious process to barely approximate complex things, but aim one at pickup lines, and the results are a combination of cute and baffling.

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