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The Morning After: Friday, April 14th 2017

Say goodbye to the NES Classic Edition

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

This Friday, we're saying an unexpected goodbye to the NES Classic Edition and preparing for the Model 3's big reveal in July. Oh, and scientists took a picture of a black hole -- you just can't look at it yet.

Limited time only Nintendo is already shutting down sales of the NES Classic Edition

If you want an NES Classic Edition, then we hope you've already got one. Nintendo revealed that the retro box "wasn't intended to be an ongoing, long-term product." As such, the last shipments will arrive in April, and then it's gone. It's not clear if this discontinuation will also impact the Japanese Famicom Classic, but we're just hoping for a follow-up SNES Classic Edition with downloadable ROMs and wireless controllers.

EvolutionTesla will unveil the Model 3's final form in July

Tesla's first mass-market EV is getting closer to production. In response to a tweet, CEO Elon Musk confirmed plans to unveil the finalized vehicle in July. Fans of the company should also mark their calendars for 18 - 24 months from now, since Musk tweeted that a Tesla pickup should be unveiled around then. Oh, and remember that Tesla semi truck? Expect to see that in September.

But it wasn't the number one sellerNintendo sold almost a million Switches in March

We're not surprised to find out that NPD reports the Nintendo Switch counted 906,000 sales in the US during its launch month. What is a little surprising, however, is that despite being the company's fastest-selling console ever, it was actually outsold by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That flagship game somehow moved 925,000 copies on the Switch alone, along with an additional 460,000 sales for the Wii U version.

It's real; it just lives out of townAstronomers may have taken the first photo of a black hole (but they can't show it to you yet)

That image above is not the first picture taken of a black hole -- it's an artist's rendering. However, astronomers operating the Event Horizon Telescope believe they have pulled off the feat. The project used a network of eight connected observatories working over five nights to observe two black holes: Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black at the center of our galaxy, and M87, which resides in a nearby galaxy. The only problem is that they collected so much data (500TB at each of observatory) that they need to ship the hard drives over to MIT for processing. Oh, and since one of them is in the South Pole, it won't be able to send the drives until October.

Copy, paste, replaceInstagram's Stories feature has more daily users than Snapchat's entire service

Sure, Facebook is playing catch up to disappearing daily anecdotes, but Instagram just revealed its Stories feature now has 200 million daily users. That's good for about a third of the people on Instagram, but more importantly, it's more than the 158 million daily users Snapchat said it had in an IPO filing a couple of months ago.

TMI?Finally, a good digital masturbator

Kiroo's Fleshlight Launch looks like "a cross between a sci-fi arm cannon and the cleaning dock for a Braun shaver." As a connected device, it can be used for teledildonic activities or synchronized action with a movie, and according to Dan Cooper, it's good at what it does. Also a plus: it doesn't contain an easily hacked camera.

Advancing in reverseDJI adds an 'Advanced' version of its Phantom 4 drone

If you need a UAV and neither of DJI's existing Phantom 4 (standard and Pro) drones fit the bill, then maybe you'll find this one has the right fit. The Advanced model splits things down the middle with the Pro's 4K camera, but fewer onboard sensors. As such, it's about $300 less and will go on sale for $1,349 at the end of this month.

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