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The Morning After: Thursday, December 21st 2017

Magic Leap's mixed-reality dream comes true.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good morning! Do you remember Magic Leap? You might remember the hype. Well, we now have a headset to stare at -- even if it's just a render. Your old iPhone is also slow for a reason and there's talk of a YouTube rival from Amazon.

It's real(?)Meet the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition

After years of hype, Magic Leap is finally showing off CGI renders of its first mixed reality headset. The Magic Leap One: Creator Edition makes virtual objects appear in real life thanks to light field technology, and room-mapping tech makes sure they stay wherever you put them. It ships in 2018 -- just don't ask about the price.

There's a reason.Apple really is making your old iPhone slow down

The software fix that helped out with battery-induced resets on iPhone 6-era phones had an impact you may not have known about. After tests by Geekbench revealed older phones were underclocked, Apple revealed that iOS slows the CPU down when a battery is cold, old or just low on juice. If your phone is running more slowly than it used to, replacing the battery could get it back up to speed right away.

v1.0As 'PUBG' finally exits beta, its creators look to the future

Now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been officially released, what's next? According to its developers, making the game the best it can be, and getting the Xbox version up to par with the PC release with an eye toward cross-platform play.

Big, bright and beautiful.LG launches an ultrawide 5K HDR monitor

All three of LG's new monitors are DisplayHDR 600-rated.

Too bad an inconsistent camera holds back an otherwise-solid phone.BlackBerry Motion review: It's all about the battery life

The second smartphone developed by BlackBerry Mobile is an all-touch affair, and it manages to get more right than wrong. The combination of a mid-range chipset, a 5.5-inch 1080p screen and an enormous battery means the new BlackBerry Motion routinely runs for two days on a single charge. We also appreciated the handful of valuable software features layered on top of Android, something we can't say of every phone maker. Unfortunately, the camera's performance left a lot to be desired, and there are more powerful devices available in the same price range. Ultimately, it's a good phone, but not a very good deal.

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