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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Say goodbye to 'view image.'
Janelle Monae

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. Once you return from Wakanda, you can check out SpaceX's next rocket launch and revisit our Apple HomePod review.

Blame Getty.Google removes 'View Image' button from image search

Now it will take a couple extra clicks to snag that meme you were looking for.

The 'stock market for rare sneakers' wants to sell everything.Why sneakerheads are leaving eBay for Detroit startup StockX

StockX was founded in 2015 after Quicken Loans founder and CEO Dan Gilbert bought Campless -- an online repository for sneaker sales data -- from Josh Luber. Last October, the website offered resellers and industry insiders a peek behind the curtain at its first ever StockX Day in Detroit and showed off how it manages to guarantee authenticity for resold shoes.

That's different.Apple employees keep walking into their new HQ's glass walls

Sources told Bloomberg that some individuals stuck Post-It notes on glass doors and walls of Apple's new HQ to make them more noticeable, but they were ultimately taken down because they distracted from the spaceship's design.

The investigation is ongoing.US indicts 13 Russian nationals for alleged election tampering

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller announced that a federal jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals on charges of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to defraud the US. According to the indictment, Russia's Internet Research Agency registered with the Russian government as a corporation in 2013 and proceeded to work through various other business entities thereafter in an attempt to hide its actions conducting "information warfare against the United States of America."

The company's first smart speaker sounds great, but is that enough?Apple HomePod review: A great speaker that's not so smart

For Apple, being late to the smart-speaker party isn't necessarily a sin. The company's ethos -- as explained by CEO Tim Cook time and again -- is that Apple cares more about being the best than being first. The $349 HomePod is proof that's not always true. Apple put considerable time and effort into making its first smart speaker sound better than its rivals, and Chris Velazco argues they succeeded. After a few solid days of testing, he says the HomePod is the best smart speaker he's ever heard -- it's just not all that smart compared to the rivals.

Settings that set on their own.Intel is making gaming easier for people without graphics cards

A new driver update for Intel's 6th-gen Core processors and above will configure games to your rig's specs automatically. It's similar to what NVIDIA's GeForce Experience does on PCs equipped with discrete graphics chips, while some of the first games to support it include Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2 and GTA V.

You can turn them off.Facebook: Two-factor authentication spam was caused by a bug

A Facebook exec said notification texts sent to people who used their phone number only for two-factor authentication were a mistake. It plans to roll out a fix in "the coming days."

The last new color before its next phone arrives.Essential's Amazon-exclusive phone comes with Alexa onboard

Essential announced that a new, so-called Halo Gray model is now available to purchase exclusively from Amazon. Unlike the other, limited-edition versions of the PH-1, this new model goes for $449 rather than $599 and it ships with Amazon's Alexa app pre-installed.

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