Here's what you missed at MWC 2018

The Galaxy S9 and... Not a whole lot else.


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    This year's Mobile World Congress has been strangely quiet. Despite Samsung's return to the event to launch its latest flagship phones and Google unveiling new Android Go devices, the convention has been almost uneventful. In fact, the most interesting thing to have happened this show has been snow falling in Barcelona, with temperatures dipping close to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 0 degrees Celsius). Although Nokia's parent company tried to drum up interest by reviving an old favorite like it did before, people just didn't care as much the second time around.

    There was plenty of news around 5G developments, since an early version of the spec was approved late last year. Every major company had its own demos of achieving 5G speeds on all varieties of communications -- from phones and detachables to cars, drones and VR headsets. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai himself was here to share plans to open up 28GHz and 24GHz spectrum for auction late this year, as well as to discuss his belief that the US needs light regulation to "enable the 5G applications of the future."

    Despite it being an underwhelming show this year, there were still a few surprising reveals from the likes of LG, ASUS and Huawei. To catch up on all that you might have missed, check out the video above.

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