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The Morning After: 'The Expanse' may live again

More TV show resurrections.

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The Expanse

Hey, good morning!

Wake up! The Expanse might live again. Razer reinvents its Blade gaming laptops to battle a new generation of slim, powerful games machines. And if you don't like bleeding-edge gaming, we also reviewed a new game for the decades-old Atari Lynx. Something for everyone?

Within a protomolecule of closing the deal.
Amazon is in talks to resurrect 'The Expanse'

Sources talking to Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have all claimed that Amazon is in discussions to resurrect The Expanse for a fourth season after it was canceled by Syfy.

If you can think it, you can create it.
'Dreams' makes imagination manifest on the PS4

Like Little Big Planet before it, the premise behind Dreams has long confused and infuriated me. Why on Earth would you pay good money for a game in which you work to create smaller games? But after puttering around in what is essentially a console-based development platform during a demo in Santa Monica last week, Andrew Tarantola realized that this game isn't built for gamers -- it's built for artists.

With Dreams, you get an unprecedented level of control over the content you can draw on in creations, or dreams. Literally every aspect of the in-game experience is editable -- the color of the sky, the land's distance from the sun, the background music, sound effects, all the way down to the frame-by-frame animation of the sprites -- you can control it.

It's built to compete with other NVIDIA Max-Q notebooks.
Razer's revamped Blade gaming laptop is an upgrade in every way

The Razer Blade is back, with a refined design centered around a 15.6-inch display with incredibly thin borders. With that, the new Razer Blade is ready to face off with the plethora of lighting gaming laptops this year. The company has paced in a six-core eighth-generation Core i7-8750H CPU, and your choice of NVIDIA GTX 1060 or 1070 Max-Q GPUs. That 15.6-inch screen is available with either a 1080p 60Hz or 144Hz panel, or a 4K multi-touch offering. For the first time, Razer is also color calibrating its displays as they leave the factory. Given the larger screen, the new Blade is also a bit heavier than before, weighing in at 4.56 pounds for the 1080p version and 4.73 pounds for the 4K.

Competing against Tesla is foolish. Why not build an electric truck instead?
Inside the automotive startup taking EVs off-road

The Tesla Model X is the "least capable SUV ever made," according to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe. It sits too low to the ground, for one, and yet, somehow, most American garages aren't tall enough for the rear doors to open. It's something that looks great sitting next to a Lamborghini or a Porsche, but it's more style than substance. It's an SUV in name alone. You won't take your Model X to ride the sand dunes for a weekend, but that's precisely what Scaringe wants you to do with anything his startup makes.

It's understandable if you don't know who or what Rivian is. The company, founded in 2009, has around 350 employees, and its executive team is composed of designers and executives from Chrysler, McLaren, Hummer-maker AM General and others.

There might be too much competition in the luxury sports sedan market for a company like Rivian to stand out, and that's why the team is aiming at a space that's relatively devoid of alternative-fuel vehicles: off-road.

Ironically, it's the waking-up part that's the problem
Nokia Sleep review: Smart home controls don't live up to the hype

The Nokia Sleep bed sensor works just fine as a sleep tracker, but when it comes to smart home integration, it was decidedly disappointing. Not only was it a little buggy, it didn't really make use of the device's sleep-pattern sensing abilities, and it doesn't even have an alarm. At the end, the Sleep doesn't do much more than other sleep trackers or sleep-tracking apps.

A new Atari Lynx game in 2018? Yup.
What we're playing: 'Wyvern Tales'

If you still own a Lynx and are actively using it, you probably already know about Wyvern Tales. There's not a whole lot of news to keep up with. But everyone else can let James Trew explain why some people will pay $50 to play a cutesy RPG on their 90s-era handheld.

You might want to wait and see what the company announces on June 6th, though.
Sonos bundles offer audio options for home theater, vinyl and more

Sonos has just revealed multiple-speaker bundles that will help you save on kitting out your entire house. There's a whole bunch to choose from, but you can get up to four Sonos One speakers for $729. There are also Playbase, Playbar and turntable options. Or, you could wait to see what happens on June 6th, at Sonos' next event.

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