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The Morning After: 'The Last of Us: Part II'

And Comcast's $65 billion bid for Fox.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

As promised, we've got hands-on impressions for some of the biggest games on display at E3 2018. Meanwhile, in the world outside the LA Convention Center, we're looking into Tesla's latest Autopilot update and how Apple is about to make your iOS device more secure.

A fresh kind of sci-fi dystopia.In 'Cyberpunk 2077,' you control your own dark, intoxicating future

CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the Witcher series, has been remarkably silent since revealing Cyberpunk in 2012 -- developers released one teaser trailer in 2013 and then went underground, leaving sci-fi and RPG fans in the dark for five long years. At E3 2018, they finally turned on the light and let us inside the sprawling, metallic future of Night City.

New weapons will help push the series forward.In 'The Last of Us Part II,' Ellie is a lethal loner

From the little we've seen, Ellie is faster, more agile and way smarter than Joel -- at least when it comes to survival.

$20 can turn your Nintendo Switch into a miniature arcade machine.Nyko's PixelQuest Arcade kit builds a cabinet out of cardboard

Off the back of Nintendo's popular Labo cardboard kits, accessory maker Nyko has concocted its own cardboard creation -- the PixelQuest Arcade Kit. Like Labo, it comes flat-packed as cardboard sheets. Where it differs is that the Arcade Kit doesn't come with any software. It's instead meant to act as a miniature arcade cabinet for games that support play on a single Joy-Con.

Making it harder for criminals (and the police) to access locked devices.Apple's next iOS updates will lock out USB access after an hour

Apple has confirmed that iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 will cut off data through the USB port when the phone hasn't been unlocked in the past hour, shutting out most attempts to use dedicated cracking devices from GrayShift, Cellebrite and others.

"You really feel like you've stepped into a Pixar film."'Kingdom Hearts 3' made me feel 15 again

According to Nick Summers, "When (Kingdom Hearts 3) comes out next January, I'll be the first to board Sora's colorful Gummi ship and explore the new worlds Square Enix has meticulously recreated."

It's like a faster, more acrobatic 'Arkham' game.'Spider-Man' is my web-slinging dreams come true

Sony first revealed Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 at E3 two years ago, but how it actually plays remained a mystery until now. Tim Seppala spent an hour on the sticks to find out how it feels to web-sling through Manhattan so fast the game's camera can't keep up

The company is trying to find the right balance.Tesla Autopilot nags drivers to hold the wheel more often

In light of recent crashes where Tesla said drivers didn't pay sufficient attention while on Autopilot, it's rolling out updates to address the problem. The first one, issued several days ago, nags drivers every 30 seconds to "hold steering wheel," instead of at one- to two-minute intervals as before.

Yellow highlights and new emblems will show that this plug-in hybrid is special.Volvo borrows cachet and power from its Polestar EV brand

A $155,000 Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid with 600 horsepower and a 100-mile driving range isn't coming to market until next year, but you don't have to wait to get the nameplate. Volvo just unveiled the Polestar Engineered flavor of its upcoming S60 hybrid sports sedan and will also offer the option on its V60 estate and XC60 SUV vehicles in 2019. The S60 gets a bump from 400 horsepower to 415 horsepower combined (both the gas and electric motors), as well as a torque increase, new lightweight wheels and Brembo mono-block brake calipers.

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