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The Morning After: Can anyone trust Facebook?

And Spotify cribbed its newest feature from Pandora.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

It's time for OITNB to say goodbye, advertisers claim Facebook lied about its video stats for over a year and we're giving streaming games a try. Clearly, it's Thursday morning.

Good to know.RED Hydrogen One graphic outlines the holographic phone's specs

RED director Phil Holland published a "tech overview" infographic showing just what buyers of the company's holographic phone will get. Some of them you may be very familiar with, such as the 5.7-inch "holographic" LCD, dual front and back cameras and the pogo pin connector for add-ons. Others may be relatively new to you, such as the 6GB of RAM, 4,500mAh battery and the "deep cavity" stereo speakers.

Enjoy 'endless' artist radio.Spotify Premium redesign borrows one of Pandora's best features

Starting today, paying subscribers can enjoy streamlined navigation, personalized search and a feature called Endless Artist Radio. For that last one, just choose a favorite band or song, select the Artist Radio playlist and you'll get an endless stream of music based on what you've chosen. Also, Spotify is ready for more wrists with a standalone Wear OS app that will launch in the next week.

Lies, damned lies and statistics.Facebook stands accused of lying to advertisers about video-view stats

Back in 2016, online marketing agency Crowd Siren sued the social network for inflating its metrics -- now the company claims Facebook knew as early as 2015 that it was over-reporting figures.

The social network had reported average viewing time of video ads -- only counting views that lasted more than three seconds when it worked out "average duration of video viewed" -- inflating the average length of a view. Facebook disclosed the issue in 2016, claiming it had "recently discovered" the error at the time. In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said, "suggestions that we in any way tried to hide this issue from our partners are false."

Lock it down.Google details the Pixel 3's Titan M security chip

The chip is tied into Android's secure boot process and saves the last known-safe Android version to prevent attackers from rolling you back to an insecure firmware version. It also blocks attempts to unlock the bootloader from within Android, and no one can update your firmware unless you've entered your passcode. Also, apps that use Google's StrongBox KeyStore framework can generate and store transaction keys in the secure hardware, and protected confirmation ensures that you're the one who authorizes a payment.

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Google's Project Stream is a breath of fresh air.The next generation of streaming video games is on its way

Much like Netflix forever changed the way we consume TV and movies, Project Stream or Project xCloud could be the catalysts that usher the video-game industry into a new era of play. Thanks to Google's game-streaming service, Jessica Conditt queued up Assassin's Creed Odyssey on a 2015 Macbook Air and found that it worked smoothly, even though PlayStation Now frequently chugs on the same connection. The future is... now?

It may take a few days for Apple to prepare your info.Apple enables data downloads for US customers

Apple allowed its customers in the EU to download copies of the data the company held earlier this year, complying with General Data Protection Regulation rules. Now, Apple has updated its privacy website and is letting its customers in the US grab their data, too -- it just may take a few days for Apple to prepare your info, but judging from our own investigations into GDPR and tech companies, Apple doesn't hold all that much information on your digital life.

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