Snapchat is Spotify's latest music-sharing option

It's another way to tell the world about killer tunes and podcasts you listen to.

Spotify addicts can soon share what tunes or podcasts they're listening to with their Snapchat friends. Through the share menu on songs, albums, playlists, artist profiles and podcasts, you'll be able to post whatever's grabbing your attention to Snapchat and Snapchat Stories if you have the latter app installed.

If you see one of those shares in your Snapchat feed, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap to start listening to your friend's recommendation. The Snapchat share option will be available in the iOS and Android Spotify apps soon.

Last year, Instagram opened up the ability to post to Stories from other apps, including Spotify, while as of last month, you can share song snippets to Facebook Stories. Spotify isn't the first music service to add Snapchat sharing, though -- iHeartRadio introduced it alongside Facebook and Instagram Story sharing last month, claiming it was the first streaming platform to integrate with all three. Other services, including Tidal, also offer Instagram and Facebook Story sharing.