'Seinfeld' is moving to Netflix in 2021

What's the deal with streaming exclusives?

With the likes of Disney+, HBO Max and NBCUniversal yanking shows and movies from Netflix for their own streaming services, there's a good reason why the latter has been investing so heavily in originals over the last several years. It'll still have some marquee third-party titles in the years ahead, though: Netflix will have the global streaming rights to Seinfeld for five years starting 2021.

While Netflix will lose the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Friends and The Office in the near future, the Seinfeld deal might keep around fans who don't already have the entire series on DVD. In the meantime, the classic sitcom will still be available on Hulu, its streaming home since 2015. Netflix already has a working relationship with Jerry Seinfeld -- it's the current home of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee as well as Seinfeld standup specials.