CES 2020 recap: Day two

Sony unveiled an EV and Hyundai built a flying car.

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The question is no longer "where's my flying car," but "am I willing to get in one?" Uber and Hyundai certainly hope so, as they unveiled the S-A1 flying taxi concept could one day shuttle you at up to 180 MPH from one hub to another. Speaking of a company going outside its wheelhouse, Sony unveiled the Vision-S EV replete with sensors and copious screens. Not to be outdone, Mercedes unveiled its own future-tastic self-driving AVTR EV and decided to do a tie-in with James Cameron's Avatar, for some reason. Next, we hopped into Audi's AI:Me for an autonomous spin, complete with a VR headset. Still on the transportation theme, we saw Bosch's Virtual Visor that blocks the sun but not your view, and BMW's AR windshield that knows where you're looking. For more, check out our complete CES2020 coverage.

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