'Hades' suddenly lands on Nintendo Switch

The action-RPG is also out of early access on PC.

Supergiant Games

Hades, an action RPG from Bastion and Transistor studio Supergiant Games, is out now on Nintendo Switch. The studio had already confirmed it would land on Switch sometime this fall, and Nintendo announced a sudden, surprise release date for it during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini.

The game is also out of Early Access on PC after almost two years, though the cross-platform save option isn’t available just yet. Supergiant recently put that feature on the backburner to avoid delaying the dungeon crawler. Cross-saves will be available later this year.

Hades has been a fixture of Engadget’s list of the best PC games for quite some time. You take on the guise on Hades’ son Zagreus. You’re tasked with escaping hell, and you’ll have to battle your way through enemies and bosses in the process. Although you go all the way back to the beginning when you die, you retain your weapon and ability upgrades for your subsequent attempts.