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Peloton’s home fitness app arrives on Roku today

The app is available on Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, too.

Woman doing yoga to exercise video
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Christine Fisher
Christine Fisher|@cfisherwrites|July 1, 2020 10:00 AM

As of today, the Peloton app is officially available on Roku. Peloton subscribers can now access the on-demand studio-style workouts on their TVs. That should make the video-based classes a bit easier to follow, especially for activities like yoga, strength training, HIIT and dance cardio.

While Peloton is perhaps best known for its fitness equipment, like bikes and $4,000 treadmills, its app offers streamable classes. In the past year, the app has found its way onto Amazon’s Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Chromecast. With the addition of Roku, the Peloton app is now available on all of the major streaming platforms.

This should help Peloton reach even more users. As of May 2020, Roku reported 40 million users worldwide. Peloton is offering Roku users in the US, UK and Canada a 30-day free trial. This could be ideal for anyone who isn’t ready to return to a gym due to the recent spike in COVID-19. While Peloton’s studios closed due to the pandemic, Peloton has been live-streaming classes from instructors’ homes since April.

Peloton’s home fitness app arrives on Roku today