Samsung's Neo QLED 4K TVs now come in very large (and very small) sizes

You can also get an 85-inch version of The Frame.


Samsung is eager to court home theater enthusiasts who want high-end TVs at less-than-common sizes. The tech giant has introduced multiple new sizes for some of its premium sets. Most notably, the Neo QLED 4K QN90A series is now available in a huge 98-inch version (85 inches was the previous peak) alongside relatively tiny 43- and 50-inch models. This is ostensibly to allow for more flexible home theater installations, although we could see those smaller sizes proving useful for bedrooms, connected home gyms and dorm rooms.

There are additional size options for Lifestyle sets, too. The Frame is now available in an 85-inch size for fans of extra-large artwork, while The Terrace Full Sun can be had in a 65-inch edition for backyard viewing in bright sunlight.

The company didn't initially provide pricing for all of the new sets (we've asked for details). However, you can order the 50-inch QN90A today for $1,400 (normally $1,500), while the 65-inch The Terrace Full Sun is available for $10,000. None of these new sets is likely to be a trivial purchase, then, but they could be welcome moves if you don't want to sacrifice quality just to get a TV that fits your living space.

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