Tesla stops taking orders for the entry-level Model Y

The Standard Range trim had only been available for a few weeks.

We hope you didn't have your heart set on that brand new Standard Range Model Y. As Electrek has learned, Tesla has quietly stopped taking orders for the 'entry' version of the electric crossover mere weeks after launching it. At the moment, you'll have to spend at least $48,990 for the Long Range all-wheel drive variant ($1,000 less than before) if you want more interior space than the Model 3 can offer.

It's not clear why Tesla dropped the Standard Range trim, or whether or not this is a temporary move. We've asked Tesla for comment, but the EV maker is believed to have disbanded its PR team.

It would be an odd decision if it was permanent. Tesla cut the base Model Y's price to $39,990 just days earlier in an apparent effort to boost sales — this would clearly have the opposite effect. It might represent a pause as Tesla deals with an order backlog, retools production or otherwise decides that it can't sell the Standard Range vehicle for a while.

If nothing else, the removal underscores complaints about Tesla's sales strategy. The company's frequent price tinkering can make its EVs more accessible than those from veteran automakers, many of which wait until new model years to drop prices or add features. However, the inconsistency also makes it difficult to know when it's a good time to buy. You may hold off on a purchase only to watch a deal vanish without warning, leaving you no choice but to either keep waiting or buy an alternative.