Ubisoft confirms The Division 3, but it’s a long ways off

Franchise lead Julian Gerighty is building the dev team.


Ubisoft just confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 is headed toward active development. We have a long time to wait before we get our hands on the franchise sequel, despite it being over four years since The Division 2 graced consoles and PCs back in 2019. The company also named Julian Gerighty as Executive Director for the entire The Division brand.

If that name sounds familiar it’s because Gerighty is often credited as being the modern architect of the franchise after coming aboard in 2014 as Associate Creative Director ahead of the original game’s launch. He moved up to Creative Director just in time for The Division 2 and its DLC releases.

So just how long do we have to wait? Settle in folks and grab your hibernation pajamas, as it’s gonna be awhile. Gerighty is currently the Creative Director for a little open-world game called Star Wars Outlaws. He won’t transition to The Division 3 until that game has shipped. Ubisoft says Gerighty’s first task will be to assemble the development team, so that hasn’t happened yet. Star Wars Outlaws doesn’t release until sometime next year so, well, you do the development math.

Despite the forthcoming sequel, Ubisoft says The Division 2 will still be supported, though the company didn’t detail future plans for DLC content. Concrete information regarding The Division 3 is basically non-existent, but Gerighty did say that the development process will be “about refinement, it's about pushing the quality bar consistently forward.”

Outside of that, Gerighty will use his Executive Director role to solidify “brand identity.” That means he’ll be actively involved with spin-off titles, mobile releases and the like. There are a “plethora” of upcoming projects set in the franchise’s universe, like the mobile game The Division Resurgence and the spin-off shooter The Division Heartland.

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