Now you can use Xbox remote play on your iPhone

Xbox's new app for iOS streams games from your console, and it's ready for the Xbox Series X.


While Microsoft is still apparently working on cloud gaming support for iOS, it just updated the iOS Xbox app with its new interface, as well as the ability to stream games from a local console. Since games streamed within your house don’t break Apple’s App Store rules, it’s a lot easier to make that work, and should let you knock out a few levels when you want to play in a room that has WiFi, but isn’t close your Xbox One or future Xbox Series X/S.

Sony added remote play on iOS for the PS4 last year, and already updated its app to work with the PS5 once that’s available next month. For PC users, Valve’s Steam Link app brought remote play around the same time

The updated Xbox app is also able to help users easily set up a new console, a feature many of you will probably appreciate in a little less than a month. A similar update for Android arrived last month, and on Xbox One consoles last week, so everyone with the latest software should have things synced up immediately.

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