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May 15th 2014 7:01 pm

Favorite Chrome extensions?

Most of these days, I'm lucky enough to get to do nearly all of my work through a browser window (interestingly, I could probably get by with just a Chromebook as my every day computer for the most part). My main browser of choice is Chrome. For me, it's fast, flexible, and the options to keep it in sync with my Google account between various devices is pretty awesome!

One thing that makes Chrome so powerful for me are the numerous extensions available. Just like Firefox before it, there is an active developer community that is pushing the envelope when it comes to what web apps are capable of.

So, here are some of my favorites that I'm using right now:
  • AdBlock: I know, I know. Ads pay the bills for a lot of sites that you and I like (even then one, ah hem). But sometimes, they're damn annoying and intrusive. So, it's nice to have the option to turn these things off. Goodbye pop-overs, expanding elements, auto-playing videos, and more... unless you're a site that I like. Okay, then you're cool. https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/adblock­/...
  • Allow Right-Click: One of my biggest gripes with some websites is that they disable the right-click contextual menu when you visit them. I consider myself a power-user and there's always a reason I need to right click. Maybe I'm trying to get a link to an image, or I want to look at the source code to see how you're doing something. Limiting my ability to do these sorts of things used to be aggravating. Now it isn't! https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/allow­-ri...
  • FlashBlock: Remember when people were mad that the iPhone didn't have Flash on it? Flash was really annoying and resource intensive. Thanks to this handy extension, I don't even know if Flash enabled websites are a thing anymore. Are they? https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/flashblo...
  • OneTab: This concatenates all my currently open tabs into one window. This comes in handy since it seems like I have about a trillion tabs open ALL THE TIME. www.one­-tab.com/
  • Pocket: Over the course of a day, I see a lot of interesting news (mostly related to science and technology, but often other things relevant to my interests). I don't always have time to read something that moment, so it's nice to send an article to my Pocket account so I can read it on the train later. https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/pocket­-f...
Anyway, what are some of your favorite Chrome extensions?

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Chrome? PSH, it's all about that Firefox. They basically both have the same extensions, so here's a few I use pretty much daily that haven't been mentioned.

Download YouTube videos as MP4: https:­/­/addons.mozilla.org­/en­-US­/firefox­/addon­/dow...

Not only does it have a catchy name, but it's a simple way to download a YouTube video in all the different resolutions. This comes in handy when you find a good clip to gif.

Awesome Screenshot Plus: https:­/­/addons.mozilla.org­/en­-US­/firefox­/addon­/awe...

If you need to screenshot an entire page, this is a straightforward app to use.

Reddit Enhancement Suite: https:­/­/addons.mozilla.org­/en­-US­/firefox­/addon­/red...

Once you use it, you can never go back. When I visit Reddit in a browser that doesn't have this installed, I think the site is broken because it's missing all the features RES brings to the table.

Disconnect: https:­/­/addons.mozilla.org­/en­-US­/firefox­/addon­/dis...
  • Load the pages you go to 27% faster.
  • Stop tracking by 2,000+ third-party sites.
  • Encrypt the data you share with popular sites.
I installed this primarily to block things from tracking me. One annoying thing is that it'll block some things from rendering on the page like embedded tweets, but it's two clicks to disable that.
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Is Disconnect better, and faster, than ABP?
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I have both installed and I haven't noticed any slowdown.

Disconnect will blocks ads, but it leaves the ad placeholders. AdBlock removes the element completely, which I like, so I'll just let them co-exist.
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How does disconnect work with youtube and hulu. I have to turn off ABP for hulu to play videos and well youtube is like 10x better with ABP.
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I haven't noticed anything annoying with Hulu or YouTube. With ABP, I just add an exception for Hulu.
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My most used Chrome extensions are
  • Lastpass: my password manager of choice. I would be lost without this extension.
  • MLB Scoreboard: Great way to keep up to date on all of the scores in baseball
  • Clip to Evernote: Does exactly what it says. Has the ability to add to different notebooks and tag notes, whether they are bookmarks, simple articles, full articles or the entire webpage. Really easy way to store things into your Evernote account for later usage.
  • Instapaper: Dead simple way to store articles into your Instapaper queue to read later.
  • Motorola Connet: allows me to text via my Moto X from the browser.
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I only use:

Lastpass (which was a recent move after talking about password managers on this site)
Google Mail Checker

That's all!
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I have quite a few, but here's my shortened list in somewhat descending order of importance:
  • LastPass: if you said I could only have one extension, this would be it. I can't function without it anymore and I'm happy with that!
  • Adblock Plus: yeah, I feel guilty about this, but sometimes ads just get out of control.
  • Context Menu Search: I love this one. I highlight some text in my browser, right-click it, go to the Context Menu Search entry, then click on one of the sites I've entered into the plugin. This immediately opens another tab with a search result for that site for what I highlighted. This is fantastic for searching Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Google Voice: this is becoming less and less functional as more of GV moves into Hangouts, but it's still good for quickly checking my voicemails or sending a text.
  • Goo.gl Shortener: to quickly get a short link to whatever site I'm on.
  • Pushbullet: This adds notifications from my phone to the stream of Chrome desktop notifications. I can dismiss them from my computer so they won't be on my phone when I go back to it. I can also send content to my phone like I used to with Chrome to Phone, but this works better.
  • Ziplist: if I'm on a site with a recipe I can add it to my recipe box on Ziplist.
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Finally played with Pushbullet a few weeks ago and it's super awesome. I prefer it to relying on cloud tabs type stuff.
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Goo.gl Shortener is epicly epic. :D
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  • Feedly Notifier - Notifications when new articles in my feedly Must Read category.
  • Hacker News'd! - Indicates if the current page has a Hacker News discussion.
  • Honey - Let's you know if there's coupons for the current page your on.
  • InvisibleHand - Know if there's somewhere else you can get a better price.
  • Neater Bookmarks - Access bookmarks without bookmarks bar taking up space.
  • The Tracktor - Price history graph on amazon.com pages.
  • Google Hangouts - I've actually started using this way more than Adium.
  • Tampermonkey - For my userscripts/greasemonkey scripts.
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One that I've picked up recently that I'm loving is Magic Actions for YouTube™. https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/magic­-ac...

It will auto-HD and enlarge to the largest video player that can fit into the browser window automatically when I load up a YouTube video.
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Regarding AdBlock, here is an interesting read on its impact on memory usage inside of Firefox. I'm curious to know if it has the same impact on Chrome.

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I use HoverReader to get previews of any link I hover over:
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I would add excellent Easy Youtube Video Downloader : www.yourvideofile.org­/download.html to the list. This one offers everything "Download YouTube videos as MP4" offers with added 192kbps MP3 and Full-HD downloads, this one can also be used on Google Chrome.
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Linkclump: Hold shift and highlight an area, all links in that area will open in new tabs!

Chrome Sniffer: shows what libraries are used by the site (JavaScript libraries, ASP.NET, host like Apache or IIS, etc)


Yet another flags: shows which country is hosting the site and offers a quick whois link
Goo.gl Shortener: Generate a goo.gl short URL for the current page in 1-click, copy in another click
HoverZoom: Hover over an image and see it full size, especially useful at sites like Facebook
Google Dictionary: Ctrl+double click = little bubble with definition of the word
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Turn Off the Lights
It's for all browsers, and it's amaaaazzzziiinggg. Also this is the only extension that show atmosphere light effect on YouTube (from the video content, vivid mode). And it have a cool night switch for to convert YouTube to a dark style.


Adblock Plus
Block all the ads on my pages.

Zoom in and out the web page.

Proper Menubar
My own Google toolbar.

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Recently I was very surprised to know that you can control chrome by gestures of mouse)) so now my favorite:
CRX mouse: https:­/­/chrome.google.com­/webstore­/detail­/crxmouse...
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This extension is very cool, simple, yet beautiful.
It creates autofocus slideshow in your Facebook gallery.

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Bahahahah, talked about my favourite chrome extension. I'd say whomeslse can be if it's not Ballloon? It makes file saving much easier and quicker. Do you guys use it as well?
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