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January 25th 2014 10:20 am

Future Technology|CES 2014

The Link to the Video:https:­/­/www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=j0IxlNH3OjM
Technology of the future,all cool gadgets and feature.The futuristic gadgets,electronic,cars,games and so on.

Starting with the car shown at CES 2014,

Toyota FCV which is powered by hydrogen and electricity,which will save your money on oil and instead spend it on a cheaper hydrogen and it will also be an enviornment friendly car.It will probably be running on the road sometime in 2015.

Next big category was Gaming,

The Steam Console "Valve" looks like a real deal to me this year,the fact that games from Steam store will be avaible in your living room with in box that has a power similar to a gaming pc is a big deal.But the controller still wouldn't be my personal pick,so I hope they take time to develop this thing properly.

And probably the most popular thing of 2014 is...


Probably the biggest trend of this year

With the Camcorder

From Sony which I think this would game changer this year for 4K resolution in total.With 4K price dropped to $2000 its really going to change 4K for the better for sure.Make it affordably accessible to the mass consumer.If Netflix join in this transition kit will surely be faster.

And Television

Probably my personal choice would be Samsung Ultra Hd.Why Ultra HD not 4K?Well if you want know the difference leave a comment or a like,maybe i'll make another video explaning what all these are.But as I said I would choose Samsung because of its smart features which is more than enough for me on a TV.

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