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November 1st 2013 11:11 am

Galaxy Nexus owners won't officially be getting KitKat

Engadget posted yesterday (www.engadget.com­/2013­/10­/31­/google­-galaxy­-nexus­-ki...) that Galaxy Nexus devices will not be getting KitKat. They haven't gotten official word, but their sources say it's due to the phone using Texas Instruments who is now out of mobile.

Meanwhile, over on the Galaxy Nexus FAQ (https:­/­/support.google.com­/nexus­/answer­/3468085) it states Google will not be updating the phone because it "falls outside of the 18-month update window." This falls in line with the "update alliance" (www.engadget.com­/2011­/05­/10­/google­-clarifies­-18­-mo...) that Google spoke about a few years ago, but this is a different device. This is a Nexus device, the device line that Google has made their bread and butter for Android enthusiasts.

It's likely the ROM community will be getting KitKat running on the phone and with Google pushing the Google Play Service platform there is some way to get in on new features. However, if you're a Galaxy Nexus owner are you feeling slighted by this (Verizon customers, we know you have been sighted since day 1)? Or has your Nexus given you a good run and you're ok with moving onto another Nexus device or even a Moto X?

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Good question. All hardware gurus say the TI processor is the most open SoC of all, so easy to write any needed drivers. Really they should at least keep the GN current for 24 months, as that would at least keep it up to date the length of a typical carrier contract. Kit Kat is more efficient with system hardware, so no reason it wouldnt run great on GN. I think Google needs to do it.
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There are already people releasing roms so that you can easily flash kitkat on there. I'm also pretty sure Cyanogenmod will release a rom for it...so basically there isn't really anything to worry about.
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It's true that Cyanogenmod does a great job with ROMs, but they have a difficult time getting full functionality of all the device hardware. Why? because OEMs do not always release their drivers back to the AOSP, so Cyanogenmod (and anyone else for that matter) cannot always get certain hardware to fully function. For instance, Qualcomm (maker of the popular Snapdragon SoC) does not make their graphics software drivers available to Android Open Source Project. This practice by OEMs is why we can't always get all the functionality of devices from our devices through custom ROMs.
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Already had the conversation with Google and Verizon. Verizon doesn't even have a 32GB MotoX yet, under the Moto Maker program. Morons, both of them. My Gnex bit the dust replaced it with a Droid Maxx 32GB for now. As soon as Project Ara releases production models, That's what I'll have. 18 months for a nexus device? Software is king not Hardware. XDA devs will keep it running. I even had Ubuntu Touch working on it. After this phone no more Verizon. Morons. There is a point release Verizon is sitting on for the Gnex, but not 4.4. Whether and when they release it is anyone's guess. Everyone I know hates Verizon, for good reason. I don't think big red will ever see another nexus device again. ever. one giant charlie foxtrot.
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Google says Galaxy Nexus won't get it but I have upgraded to Nexus 5.
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