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January 13th 2014 1:23 pm

My iPhone's Lightning connector stopped working and you'll never believe how I fixed it

(Props to Upworthy for the headline inspiration)

Recently, my iPhone 5 started having some charging problems -- basically, the connector seemed to be really finicky. If I even thought about moving my phone, it would stop charging. This is especially fun when you wake up to your phone having 8% battery life left (and you use it as an alarm).

Anyway, I thought maybe I have a defective device (hello, new iPhone 5s???) and started Googling around to be sure. It turns out, this is a common issue. Apparently, the Lightning port will get stuffed with pocket lint over time. What? (Gross!)

I stuck a thin paper clip into the port and fished out all the lint. (A can of air is probably smarter, but I had to be MacGyver.) After removing the offending pieces of microscopic clothing, my phone now charges properly again! Hurrah!

The more you know...

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I have this problem with my phones once in a while, and I've found a combination of a shaved down toothpick/paper clip/Giottos Rocket Blower to be effective. I even found a lint blob jammed in the headphone jack once.
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Keep this in mind when your phone starts thinking you have your headphones plugged in even when you don't as that has the same root cause but in the headphone jack instead of the charging port.
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It's like blowing into NES cartridges all over again! :)
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I had this same issue, after a while the lightning cable would only work at certain angles. Took it in to Apple hoping to get a new iphone before the warranty expired, turned out it was just lint, how embarrassing.
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I've had the same happen with my Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note 2. The plug will go in, but the device won't charge.
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Amazing! I was about to take phone apart or buy new one
Can't beleve how much lint was in there
Thank you!
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Had the same problem, and after reading this I used a plastic floss stick and fished out SO much lint! Wow... had no idea it was such a lint trap! Thanks for tip!
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