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May 18th 2014 8:13 am

NEXUS PLAY Gaming Console

A new concept that tries to blend the best of Android and Gaming world in one Unique curved screen Gamepad Console.




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I would hate to have to adapt a game to fit that screen
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Eeeeeeeeeeesssh. That screen would be horrible to play a game on.

Plus, it would suffer the same problem that smartphones have -- when you're interacting with UI elements on screen, your hands are actually COVERING your display. Sure, you have some additional buttons on the top of the device, but still. I don't think this design is that great for gameplay.
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That is one very cool concept video, well done on making that, that must have taken some serious effort. Like dave & TgD, I have to agree though, I just can't see a touchscreen display for where the front facing buttons usually go working out, I need to be able to hit those physical buttons using muscle memory while looking at the tv.
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