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So apparently Nintendo has been saying that kids under six shouldn't use the 3D on the 3DS:


I doubt any parents will bother heeding that message, and considering how many young kids play DS now, I can only foresee a grim future. Hopefully their concerns will prove to be overblown.

Though the question becomes, what was Nintendo thinking? They of all people should have a good idea of who their audience was going to be.

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A great point, but if you think about it the 3DS has a lot of hurdles ahead of it doesn't it? With the expected price range to be greater than $200 it not only competes against the iPod Touch for the teen and up audience, but probably prices itself out of the market for parents to purchase for little children. I know I wouldn't be giving my eight year old a $200 device to play with.
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We've seen quite a few parents buying iPod touches for their kids, so it's not completely out of the question.
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That's probably part of the reasoning for the 3D switch that turns down, or turns off the effect completely. Problem solved.
What about 3D movies?? Half of the ones that come out are kids' movies. Nobody is panicking about that.
I have a feeling this issue is being hyped up too much. Doesn't this happen with every new technology that comes out? Somebody claims it's dangerous and the fears are never really justified.
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You're assuming that parents will heed the warnings, much less even know about them. Many parents assume it's a perfectly safe kid's toy, handing it to little Jane or John to figure out. Parental controls don't mean crap if parents don't use them.

I don't know the specifics of how the 3D works or looks on the 3DS, but it doesn't use glasses, which makes it different from watching movies.
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To follow up on this post, now there are a bunch of doctors who said the 3D won't be a problem:


Well, not a problem except for the whole "little kids shouldn't be playing video games." Another warning many parents ignore anyway.
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