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February 10th 2012 8:29 am

The Perfect Smartphone

I have this idea in my head... I want a smartphone, but there are things I want that none of the OS's have. But I also want a solid phone that satisfies every need I could have. I want to make my own smartphone. But I don't want it just for me, I want it for everyone. So, my question to you, fellow gdgt-ers, is what is the perfect smartphone? Don't tell me one that is already out. I don't want to know why Android or iOS makes your phone great, I want specs such as screen size, processor speed and cores, design, and what functions the OS would have if a new one was created. If you like a phone that is currently out, don't just say "iPhone 4S" or "HTC Sensation", tell me the phone and give me the reasons you like it. Please keep this serious and thorough. I appreciate your time. Thanks,

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Ok, here are the things i would like to see in my "perfect phone" and i am going with the idea of this being a pipe dream and price is no object.

Hardware wise
  1. 4 in HD screen ( like the apple Retina Display)
  2. quad core processor. this device should be a small work horse that is almost a PC just smaller
  3. A battery that goes at least 10 hours with regular use
  4. rear 12 megapixel camera that takes as good if not better pictures as the iPhone 4s, the seamless shutter lag of the Galaxy Nexus, 2 LED flashes
  5. front facing HD camera for video calls
  6. NFC
  7. LTE/4G/4G/WIFI
  8. power, mute, volume rocker
  9. standard micro USB charger
  10. Suport for SD Car Expansion
  11. Onboard 32GB or 64GB of storage
  12. 4 GB of RAM
  13. dedicated Graphics card
  14. Replaceable batter
  15. Video card, SD storage and ram upgradable
  16. thunderbolt port (one port that lets you use HDMI out, or USB 3 speeds) i would rather have the one or two universal ports on the phone and carry and adapter than have 3 or 4 or even 5 different ports on the side of the phone.
  17. able to charge the phone like the Web OS phones by just siting it on a charge stone
  18. possibly an S-Pen or support for a stylus that allows for fine point that you can't get with the finger some times.
this is the hard part i think.
i like metro UI of the Win Phones but i like customizability of the Android phones and the consisten UI and actions of the iPhone. the software needs to be update able independent of the carrier. Using iOS 5 as the base OS, i want to bring over Game Center, iMessage and the apple eco system of all the media types (movies, TV Shows, music, podcasts) all of it easily managed on the phone or through an iTunes types application. I think that iOS is the most polished of the mobile OS that are out there.
  • I would want airplay or something like it so it just works with my TV or apple TV or Google TV
  • Suports all the media types and DRM
  • i want the notification from Android and Win Phone
  • the contact management from win phone
  • the folders from ICS
  • customizability of ICS
  • Card interface from WebOS for multitasking
  • Swype keyboard as well as the keyboard from Samsung i like the arrow keys and the dedicated number row
  • granular notification options like on iOS where you can have a badge take up the screen or add it to the drop down list notification can be set to contacts as well as applications. for example i may want a badge notification if i get a call or text from a lover but may want the kids notification to be listed in the drop down.
  • options for applications to self update like on Android

thats all i could think off off the top of my head. maybe some one can add on to this list or add some critique.
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That's fantastic, thank you for your input. I hope to incorporate at least some of this into a real phone someday. You have many good ideas that would make an excellent mobile device. Thanks again. :D
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A phone is not like a car. A car is a method of transportation and some can make getting around fun, fashionable and exciting. I used to have a 1000watt car stereo system in my 200K mile, almost 20 year old car. (I only owned it for 5 years.) I loved driving with the sound system, it always lifted my mood, helped boost my confidence and was something that stuck out from the crowd if I wanted.

A phone is not like a car. It is not fashionable, it is not just a way to make calls. It's a tool you use all day long to execute tasks, keep yourself busy and informed. Therefore the best phone is not the phone with the best specs.

In today's world, the best phone is the best supported phone. Having the best selection of apps, cases, chargers, stereo docks, and optional tech surrounding the phone that interests you. The phone that works best for you and your interests.

Your phone does not define you. It's something you use (a lot), and discard when something else comes along that's better. It's something you can manipulate to accomplish tasks and manage your life.

My phone is the iPhone 4.
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That's a great answer actually. Thank you for that. I hope to make something that is a happy medium between tool and statement, form and function. I appreciate your time. And I too enjoy driving my vehicle, especially with good music. gdgt should make an autos section. Thanks again. :D
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An iPhone 4S design with Windows Phone 7.5, but with dual-core cpu's, faster apps and a greater ecosystem. Build quality matching the Optimus 7 and iPhone 4S, and battery that lasts at least 2 days.
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The perfect Smartphone
  1. Battery that lasts for weeks
  2. Variable screen size. Sometimes I was a small screen, sometimes a larger one.
  3. Who cares about specs, I just want it to work...
  4. Speaking of working, I want the phone to never drop calls.
  5. I do not want to have to touch the screen to get the phone to do what I want.
  6. Storage, I don't want to have to think about storage. The phone will have as much as I will never need.
  7. The phone needs to be light and can fit into any pocket I have or can be worn as jewelry (for my wife).
  8. Should also be waterproof... just in case
These are just a few :)
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Thank you. The hardware parts are always important. I appreciate your ideas. Unfortunately for cost and money reasons I will be developing the software first. But! I will keep these requests in mind if and when I get to the hardware part. Thanks again.
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Thank you so far everyone. The hardware parts are always important. I appreciate your ideas. Unfortunately for cost and money reasons I will be developing the software first. If anyone has really important software revelations, feel free to let me know, I'll try my best to incorporate them. I just need to learn to code with UNIX first (The OS will be open/closed source, yes I meant both). But! I will keep these requests in mind if and when I get to the hardware part. Thanks again.
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