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October 12th 2012 11:33 am

webos - onward

I purchased the HP Touchpad as soon as it was released. I am very satisfied with the unit. However, it is obvious HP has abandoned a good product and I must move on.
Is SURFACE the way to to the future or is Android the path to follow?

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Although HP "abandoned" webOS, the developer community has been making sure things keep moving forward. I think recently was the release of Open WebOS. The folks over at www.webosnation.com/ would know more.

Also are you aware it is possible to install android on your touchpad? This is assuming you are comfortable tinkering around with your device www.cyanogenmod.com­/devices­/hp­-touchpad

That being said if you are looking to go forward, you can't really go wrong either way. Android is here to stay and keeps getting better as time goes on and new versions are released. Surface hasn't been released and is untested, but the Windows 8 platform is most likely secure in the future,
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I'm old, retired, and no techie, so want to go with complete system - open box and go. Thanks.
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For myself, I am getting a Surface. I have been running Windows 8 Release Preview for quite awhile. It takes getting used to, but on a tablet, it should be even better. The hardware looks great and it will be well supported by Microsoft. Also there are probably more tablet apps now for Windows 8/RT than for Android and it will only grow. I am even considering getting a Surface for my parents.
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I think I will wait for the Pro, but agree it's likely the way to go other than i-stuff.
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