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May 22nd 2013 1:35 pm

Xbox One Kinect

So if it's going to require a wired connection between the Kinect and Xbox One, it creates a real problem for those with home theaters. If your media rack is behind you or anywhere other than in front, having a wired connection between the Kinect and the Xbox One could be real trouble. Perhaps you will be able to purchase longer cables to run in walls...

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I guess it will depend on the connection type. If it's USB you may be able to use extenders but I know there is a limit to USB data transmission.
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Well I have learned that it will connect via USB 3.0, but you are right about the limit to extenders. The max I have seen at the moment is about 20 feet, but perhaps there are longer cables available now.
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Kinect currently has this issue and the PS Eye has similar. Hardwiring your console so that it absolutely must connect to the camera should be an outrage of invasion of privacy and dumb engineering. We'll see if they stick to this, just like they mentioned that the device needs to download daily updates from the internet.
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