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It's clearer than ever that the US telecom establishment really, really doesn't like the FCC's new net neutrality regulation. AT&T and multiple industry groups (all from cable and phone businesses) have filed lawsuits trying to kill the new utility-like rules, claiming that they violate everyt...

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April 14, 2015 at 6:27PM
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You won't find us supporting anything that holds back progress in the high-def realm, but Cable One sure is putting forth a convincing argument with its recent waiver request to use simple, one-way HD set-top-boxes rather than the sophisticated two-way units currently required under FCC regulations....

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You won't hear us grumbling about a new competitor in the rugged tablet PC arena, and while it's probably too early to tell whether ACA Digital's latest device is one to pay attention to, it has managed to slip into the divulging hands of the FCC. The self-proclaimed "rugged" XT1100 sports a fairl...

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