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Developers have been able to play with Android SDK 4.1 since it was unleashed at Google I/O, but it's now finalized and ready for prime time. New system images and platform components give devs access to the finished Jelly Bean APIs, while bugs in the Android SDK Tools revision 20.0.1, Eclipse plu...

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July 18, 2012 at 7:27PM
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"We're missing a nut," says a bemused Matt Hershenson, former Danger founder and now Google's director of hardware for Android, pointing at a vacant spot on an exploded photo of the Nexus Q. Its parts are strewn out across a white background, perfectly arranged in a linear pattern that starkly con...

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Not interested in forking over the $400 required for one of Google's recommended Android Open Accessory development kits? Well, then it looks like you now have another considerably cheaper option courtesy of Shenzhen's own Seeed Studio. It's now offering what it's dubbed a "Seeeduino ADK" board f...

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