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Antennas have often capped the potential speed of a wireless link -- the 450Mbps in modern 802.11n WiFi routers is directly linked to the use of a MIMO antenna array to catch signals more effectively, for example. That ceiling is about to get much higher, if A*STAR has anything to say about it. Th...

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August 29, 2012 at 12:32AM
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NC State may be well on its way to yet another underwhelming season on the hardwood, but it seems as if a few of its most spirited boffins aren't even taking any time off to celebrate the season-ending victory over the hated Heels on the team's final football game. Dr. Michael Dickey and team have j...

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A Korean company called Spectrum has announced the impeding global launch of its small HD-mini indoor HDTV antenna that can be used with built-in, standalone, or PC-based digital tuners. The company, which won an award from the country's busy Ministry of Information and Communication for another i...

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