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Pixels is a live-action movie about an alien-controlled cadre of classic video game characters wreaking havoc upon humanity by turning everything they touch into, well, pixels. It's based on the charming 2010 short by the same name that Sony thought would make a great feature-length movie starring...

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March 18, 2015 at 1:33PM
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We all remember the terrible tale of NXE-eve, when Superbad, Karate Kid and more went from fully available to not-on-Xbox and in some cases eventually disappeared entirely. Fear not, as whatever the licensing issue was, it appears to have been amicably resolved, sending Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox St...

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Yesterday we caught a glimpse of some seriously impressive footage of what looked to be a modern day revival of the Ghostbusters franchise. Peeling back a layer of the mystery found European developer Zootfly at the helm, as well as more questions to be asked. The most prominent of which being, "Jus...

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