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He may look like he's had a few too many sake bombs, but this animated Japanese superstar is actually built to teeter about. The Domo-kun WobblyBot comes to us by way of Eastern Geek and uses a relatively simple pendulum, with the pivot situated at the axle, to keep the balancing bot from tipping o...

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March 10, 2011 at 12:19PM
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Sure, they're all cute and adorable on their own, but when they join forces in the way doc18 has captured them, then we start fearing for our safety. Look into those eyes -- especially those of Link and the white Pikmin -- are they yearning to feast? Check out the highlights for today: Joystiqu...

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Finally an iPod case I can love! Some lucky guy is receiving a homemade Domokun iPod case from his girlfriend. She's posted up a how-to guide to make your own. Domokun iPods chasing kittens in green fields. I want, I want, I want. Better go read this before Boing Boing sees it and posts it....

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