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Millions of people suffer from epileptic seizures, and the threat of such episodes is a constant concern for those with the condition, their families and caretakers. Smart Monitor knows that the freedom of folks with epilepsy is curtailed by trepidation caused by the unpredictability of seizures, s...

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April 4, 2012 at 8:00PM
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Shortly after hearing a sad tale of a 7-year old cancer patient having his medication and PSP stolen whilst en route to treatment comes yet another story of the world's meanest preying on the innocent. This go 'round, a group of griefers (which appear to be members of Anonymous) managed to invade a ...

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MIT's brainiacs aren't exactly new to the world of partying, and now scientists at the MIT Media Lab have invented a way to "reversibly silence brain cells using pulses of yellow light." The presumably rave-inspired pulsing design offers up the prospect of "controlling the haywire neuron activity th...

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