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The Responsive Neutron Generator Product Deployment Center (say that quickly five times) at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM has discovered a way to take the conventional cylindrical tubes out of the equation and introduce a more computer-chip like, mass-produced neutron source on an astonishingly s...

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April 17, 2012 at 11:46PM
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If you've followed the progression of CPU tech you've surely learned that improving nanoscale chip fabrication of processors is the key to success these days. Smaller transistors means more speed in any given chip -- or smaller chips of the same speed, an idea that has some researchers pondering wh...

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Hynix was first out of the gate with triple-level-cell flash memory, but Intel and Micron just pushed the MLC state of the art with their new 34nm three-bits-per-cell NAND, which they say will produce even smaller and cheaper 32Gb chips than those currently on the market. That means we should be s...

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