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You know, we were surprised these Wii Remote appendages actually made it to the pre-order stage way back in April of last year, a feeling which slowly dissipated as they failed to make it out to real retail. Until now. The 2lb / 1kg Riiflex sleeves for your Nintendo-approved wand are ready to purch...

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February 12, 2010 at 10:07AM
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Look out, vulnerable televisions -- your worst nightmare is already up for pre-order. The two- and four-pound Riiflex Wiimote weights have escaped the "yeah right" stage and are now just months away from piercing all manners of living room fixtures. The pair (one for your Wiimote, one for your nun...

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If you thought your flying Wiimotes weren't harmful enough stock, perhaps you'd like to add a little more inertia into the mix? Additional danger is probably not the idea behind Riiflex, snap-on weights for your controller that will come in 2- and 5-pound increments, but we think that will probabl...

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