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\"Track every wave and know every tide.\" That's the concept behind Rip Curl's SearchGPS, a location-tracking wristwear that combines your typical fitness-tracking features with a waterproof, wave-counting watch for surfers. The final hardware will arrive in black and white color options this Octobe

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August 2, 2014 at 1:00PM
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Whether you're a runner, swimmer or cyclist, there are plenty of fitness tracking wearables to choose from, ripe with features to help you make the most of a morning run or laps at the YMCA. But what about something for the surfer? Well, Rip Curl aims to let athletes of the ocean \"track every wave

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Although late October typically conjures thoughts about the upcoming ski season, Rip Curl is hoping to please those So Cal / Hawaiian residents by giving you one less reason to ditch the waves this winter. Announcing the \"world's first heated wetsuit,\" the H-Bomb (no relation to the F-Bomb) looks l

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