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Neutralizing explosives, it turns out, is a delicate and complicated procedure -- but a company called Mirror Training hopes to make it simpler. "Our company has built an interface that literally uses your own hand and arm to move a robotic arm," announced CEO Liz Alessi. "I like to call it 'wear ...

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May 17, 2014 at 12:30PM
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So you think you've seen robot chefs before, huh? Well, actually, yes you probably have -- but you sure as hell haven't seen a mechanical cook spinning plates, right? We thought so. The latest culinary drone, hailing from Nagoya, Japan, features a pair of delightfully dextrous arms and is capable ...

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It's not often you see a piece of tech touted by its developer as being inspired by something "long, gray, and soft," but that's exactly how the researchers at Germany's prolific Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute are describing their ISELLA robotic arms. Inspired by the finesse and power of an ele...

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