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Everyone, meet Mycoplasma genitalium, the subject of many scientific papers, even more vists to the clinic and now the first organism to be entirely recreated in binary. Computer models are often used for simplicity, or when studying the real thing just ain't viable, but most look at an isolated pr...

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July 24, 2012 at 9:41AM
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Getting tested for STDs used to mean a doctor's visit, vials of blood, and days, weeks, or even months of anxiously waiting for results. mChip aims to change all that, while simultaneously ridding your brain of viable excuses not to get tested. It works as such: one drop of blood goes on the micr...

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It's an idea that's been around the medical block a time or two already, but so far, no one has really stepped up to the plate in an effort to make at-home and on-the-go STD testing a mainstream reality. According to a new Guardian report, however, a grand total of seven entities (including the Medi...

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