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Used to be that if you wanted to become an Ieyasu master and swing a katana around with reckless abandon, you'd have to spend years training your mind, body and spirit in preparation as well as subscribe to a strict Bushido, or "warrior's code." These days, you really just need a Motoman-MH24 indu...

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June 5, 2015 at 6:02PM
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The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (or METI) in Japan has announced eight 'Robot Award 2008' winners from 65 applicants. Nabbing the prize for industrial robots were Denso Wave Inc. with their XR-G small assembly conveyance robot, which was released for commercial use in April, 2008 and i...

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It looks like Japan's Yaskawa Electric has found yet another human job for its Motoman-DIA10 robot to take, with the company now teaming with Mitsui & Co. and Hokusho Co. to put the bot to work sorting packages. Apparently, the multipurpose bot will be paired with Hokusho's existing sorting sys...

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