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Flat design. Pfffft. You know what's really cool? ASCII renditions of Star Wars: A New Hope in what appears to be its entirety. This bonafide internet gem (and who even knows how many others) are hidden in Windows 93, a web app spotted by The Verge that mimics a bygone time of cathode-ray tube mon...

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October 27, 2014 at 9:43PM
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Nostalgia is a powerful force. It's driven some to search Google through a Bulletin Board System-like interface or, in the case of programmer Peter Nitsch, it's compelled him to graft ASCII art onto the physical world. Simply plug an address into his project's website and you'll be able to pan thr...

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There's absolutely no shortage of ways to geek up the inside of your domicile, but few creations posses the perfect balance of class and geekiness like the ASCII Curtains. Reportedly hand-crafted by designer / artist / undiscovered genius Nieke Sybrandy, these nerdalicious curtains feature a light...

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