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A Brussels court has declared Uber to be illegal in Belgium, saying the company will be fined €10,000 for every ride. The UberPOP ride-sharing service has been on shaky ground there since its February launch, with the government even seizing vehicles. As in France, taxi drivers are taking umb...

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April 15, 2014 at 5:49AM
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The Flemish have always been known for talking to plants, so perhaps it's no surprise that a Talking Tree has been found in Brussels. This collab between EOS Magazine and Happiness Brussels sees a 100 year old tree outfitted with a dust meter, ozone meter, light meter, weather station, webcam and m...

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While most of the plasmas these days aren't exactly energy guzzlers, some of the earlier models were notorious for eating up power at an alarming rate. According to a writeup in The Daily Mail, legislation could be passed by the EU this Spring that would bar those panels from being sold. A spokesm...

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