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Does your speaker look a bit too, you know, speakery? ClearView's got an interesting solution in the form of the Clio, a new product unveiled today that it's deemed "the first invisible speaker." That title's a bit of a stretch, as you might have guessed. For starters, there's the clearly visible ...

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January 6, 2014 at 6:31AM
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Last we heard from Clearview Technology it was asking its customers (or potential customers) to come up with a name for its new UMPC-like device, the XL43. While the result of that process doesn't seem to have generated much fanfare, it looks like the company is now finally nearing a release for th...

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We've seen plenty of instances where companies ask their loyal customers to handle some of the dirty work, but Clearview Technology is only requesting your input on something as simple as a name change. Not satisfied with the current XL43 badge, the company has cranked up a submission venue to get...

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