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Enough with the primary-colored plastic trinkets. When can we start printing things we want? Things we'll use? While we're still not quite there, MakerBot's recently announced composite materials might get us closer. We talked to MakerBot's Director of Product Anthony Moschella about a year in 3D ...

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January 8, 2015 at 6:43PM
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The future of 3D printing may depend on the ability print things with properties beyond cheap plastic. We've seen composite materials appear for 3D printers before, but the arrival of MakerBot to the scene should make progress a bit quicker. Announced at this week's CES, MakerBot will be rolling out...

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We're pretty certain the world's big enough for the both of 'em, but a graphene-polymer hybrid developed by a brilliant team from Northwestern University could prove to be a suitable -- and much cheaper -- alternative to polymer-infused carbon nanotubes. Put simply, graphite can be purchased for dol...

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