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As much as we're familiar with wireless power, we know developing a truly contact-free form of charging has a whole raft of extra challenges, such as getting into the sweet spot for power delivery and the potential traffic jam caused by throwing another device into the mix. Sony thinks it has thes...

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May 15, 2012 at 9:05PM
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We've been watching wireless power startups spin their wheels for years on end, and while we've netted a few contact-charging solutions along the way, there's still a dire need for bona fide wireless power. A most unlikely candidate has just shown up to deliver that very need, with Sony's wireles...

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We know, energy without wires has always seemed like one of those novel concepts that sounds terrific in theory, but remains a tad difficult to imagine hitting the commercial scene for some time to come. Apparently, all that is about to become nonsense, as a Pennsylvania-based startup is set to capt...

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