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Nearly two years ago, a French court dismissed a lawsuit that Nintendo filed against a group of vendors accused of illegally selling DS flash carts. At the time, the game-maker argued that sales of the cartridges should be halted on the grounds that they could be used to illegally pirate software, b...

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October 4, 2011 at 6:13PM
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No, we don't think this Xbox 360 case mod oddity takes the cake, but it ranks fairly high up there in the long list of mods that are impressive from a technical standpoint, but next to useless from a practicality stance. While we're sure just about anyone could find a plethora of utility in Ben Heck...

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Everybody's favorite far-reaching, possibly free speech-infringing law, the DMCA, is being put to use again for busting down on Divineo, a seller of mod-chips. Sony has slapped them with a $9 million lawsuit for selling the chips, along with HDLoader, which allows a PS2 to rip games and store them t...

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